Erin Steenblock

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Erin Steenblock

Current Employer: QuantaLife - Pleasanton, CA

BSE, Chemical Engineering, University of Iowa, May 2005
MS, Biomedical Engineering, Yale University, December 2006
PhD, Biomedical Engineering, Yale University, July 2010


Research Focus: Artificial antigen-presentation with biodegradable microparticles for cancer immunotherapy.

Fahmy Lab Publications:

  • Steenblock E, Wrzesiniski, Flavell RA, Fahmy TM. Antigen presentation on artificial acellular substrates: Modular systems for flexible, adaptable immunotherapy. Expert Opin. Biol. Therapy. 2009;9(4):451-64.
  • Fadel TR, Steenblock ER, Stern E, Li N, Wang X, Haller G, Pfefferle L, Fahmy TM, Enhanced cellular activation with single-wall carbon nanotubes presenting antibody stimuli. Nanoletters. 2008 Jul;8(7):2070-6.
  • Stern E, Steenblock E, Reed MA, Fahmy TM, Label-free electronic detection of the antigen-specific immune response. Nanoletters. 2008 Oct;8(10):3310-4.
  • Steenblock E, Fahmy TM, A comprehensive platform for T cell stimulation based on biodegradable artificial antigen-presenting cell microparticles. Molecular Therapy. 2008 Apr;16(4):765-72

Honors and Awards:

  • Department of Homeland Security Dissertation Grant Awardee, September 2008
  • Department of Homeland Security Fellow, September 2005 - May 2008
  • Faculty of Engineering Fellowship, Yale University, September 2005 - May 2006
  • Department of Homeland Security Scholar, September 2003 - May 2005


  • Mentored students on collaborative and independent research projects
  • New Haven Reads, Tutor, New Haven, CT, Summer 2008 - Present
  • Yale Engineering Futures in Science Research Fellowship, Mentor, Summer 2008
  • McDougal Graduate Public Service Fellow, Yale University, August 2008 - May 2009
  • New Haven Science Fair Judge, New Haven, CT, May 2008