About the Laboratory

The Fahmy Laboratory is located in the central Yale Campus in New Haven, CT. We are on the fourth floor of the newly constructed Malone Engineering Center (MEC, designed by the architect Cesar Pelli). The building is located at the corner of Prospect St. and Trumbull St. and fronts the Farmington Canal, a major private canal built in the early 1800s to provide water transportation from New Haven into the interior of Connecticut, Massachusetts, and beyond.

The laboratory is approximately 1,700 sq. ft. of laboratory and office space housing state of the art equipment for biological and biophysical research.It is well equipped with general laboratory facilities for polymers formulation, characterization, large biosafety level 2+ tissue culture facility, cell analysis and facilities for animal studies. The Fahmy Laboratory also shares laboratory space at the Yale School of Medicine for non-invasive imaging and has access to a 4T, 8T, and 11T Bruker Magnetic Resonance Scanners located in the Magnetic Resonance imaging center (MRC) basement of the Anylan building (Yale School of Medicine). The Fahmy lab collaborates with the image processing group at the MRC which has access to unix workstations running the Yale Bioimage Suite® program for analysis and registration of MRI images.

The Laboratory is supported by grants from the National Institute of Health, National Science Foundation, the Yale Institute of Nanoscale and Quantum Engineering and the Wallace Coulter Foundation.