Halima Chahboune

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Halima Chahboune, Ph.D.

Associate Research Scientist

M.S, Claude Bernard University (Lyon- France), Biomedical Engineering, 1999.
Ph.D., Claude Bernard University (Lyon- France), Biomedical Engineering, 2003.
Research Focus: Molecular imaging of mouse models using MRI and optical imaging.
Fahmy Lab Publications:
  • Chahboune H, Ment LR, Stewart WB, Rothman DL, Vaccarino FM, Hyder F, Schwartz ML. Hypoxic Injury during Neonatal Development in Murine Brain: Correlation between In Vivo DTI Findings and Behavioral Assessment. Cerebral cortex. 2009(in press)
  • Chahboune H, Mishra AM, Desalvo MN, Staib LH, Purcaro M, Scheinost D, Papademetris X, Fyson SJ, Lorincz ML, Crunelli V, Hyder F, Blumenfeld H. DTI abnormalities in anterior corpus callosum of rats with spike-wave epilepsy. NeuroImage. 2009(In press)
  • Chua C, Chahboune H, Braun A, Dummula K, Hu F,Yu J, Ungvari Z, Sherbany A, Hyder F, Ballabh P. Consequences of intraventricular hemorrhage in a rabbit pup model. Stroke. 2009 (In press)
  • Leuenroth S, Bencivenga N, Chahboune H, Hyder F, Crews CM. Triptolide Reduces Cyst Formation in a Neonatal to Adult Transition Pkd1 Model of ADPKD. JASN. 2009 (under review)
  • Chahboune H, Mahdjoub R, Desgoutte P, Rousset C, Briguet A, Cespuglio R. Effects of chloramphenicol on brain energy metabolism using (31)P spectroscopy: influences on sleep-wake states in rat. Journal of neurochemistry. 2008 Aug; 106(4):1552-62.
  • Chahboune H, Ment LR, Stewart WB, Ma X, Rothman DL, Hyder F. Neurodevelopment of C57B/L6 mouse brain assessed by in vivo diffusion tensor imaging., NMR in biomedicine. 2007 April; 20 (3), 375-82.
  • B Sorli, J F Chateaux, M Pitaval, H Chahboune, A Briguet and P Morin. Micro-spectrometer for NMR: analysis of small quantities in vitro, Measurments Science and Technology. 2004. March; 15 (877-880).
  • Fokapu, O, Chahboune, H, Armenean, M, Desgoutte, P, Cespuglio, R, Briguet, A. Denoising EMG and EEG for monitoring small animal models during NMR experiments, IEEE. 2001 October; 2; 1824-1827